Actress Deepika Padukone House today captivates one in Mumbai for its glamorous inside look and luxuries. Wanna make a tour to the house!

Not far back, it was just the year 2007, when Deepika Padukone stepped in the film industry and made her debut from the introductory film ‘Om Shanti Om’ starring Shahrukh Khan in the lead role.

Since then she has not turned back. Luck, fate whatever you call it, all have been dancing with her and supporting her in taking her to new heights.

Deepika Padukone House Interior1

She has archived tremendous glory and fame over the last decade and reserved her position in the slot of number one actresses.

Deepika Padukone is the daughter of the famous badminton player of his time Prakash Padukone. She was born in  Copenhagen, New York, USA but brought up in Bangalore, India.

A woman of such background and these calibers certainly deserve a house which suits her personality and which articulates her charisma with it.

Deepika Padukone House Interior

Actress Deepika Padukone House

So there is thirty-three story high Beau Monde Towers, the Deepika Padukone House in Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

This tower reserve the apartment at its 26th floor where the reigning queen Deepika Padukone resides.

The Beau Monde has a panoramic view of the city overlooking the sea.

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When she shifted to the house, if one remembers the rumors of her affairs with the high profile most deserving bachelor of the time, Siddhartha Mallya was ripe and making the rounds.

She got a sprawling 4 bedrooms, an independent terrace, and three parking lots into the tower. Her entire area is said to be extending over 2775 square feet.

She uses the terrace for reading the stuff, for meditation, and even occasionally having the breakfast in the open air.

Deepika Padukone House Outer View

On reserving a slot in the most prestigious tower, Deepika in her next few years also ensured an exclusive office for her. The 33rd floor of this tower houses her office too.

The famous interior decorator Ms. Vinita Chaitanya has done the interiors of her apartment. After all, it was Deepika Padukone House, perhaps the highest paid actress of Bollywood.

Deepika Padukone House has the accents of gold and pink colors in its interior design which matches her role as Diva.


Vinita who has done the interior most aesthetically describes the house as “Deepika in a sari. Modern yet traditional.”

Have a look at the every bit of Deepika Padukone House. This article endeavors to take you to an inside story so enjoy the tour.

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Courtesy: All pictures from the launch issue of Architectural Digest.