Preity Zinta Wedding: Has She Married?

Going through the corridors of Bollywood, one may soon listen to whisper that Preity Zinta is very soon going to marry Gene. Preity Zinta Wedding has suddenly acquired the status of Talk of the Bollywood. Close friends of Preity confide that it will be a very private affair of a kinda church wedding in Los Angels and then followed with splashy Rajput style wedding with lots of Sangeet, Mehndi, and conclave of Bollywood friends in Mumbai. There are also whispers that she is already married. So What’s the TRUTH?


Preity Zinta Marriage

Who is this Gene?

Who is this Gene? Very few people even from the Bollywood knew about him. However, Gene Goodenough earned prominence after becoming a key witness in Preity’s molestation case against Ness Wadia. Now, these love birds can be spotted any time in Mumbai chirping together to those who know them best. Clearly, whispers of Preity Zinta Wedding is no more a gossip now. Gene is a management graduate from the Marshall School of Business from Los Angeles and he is currently working as a senior vice president in Finance Department at NLine Energy, Inc.

Bombay Times has flashed News that Preity Zinta is set to get married in next 10 days. Is Preity Zinta Wedding going to hold true this time?

OR She is already married !!

Whatever, We WISH all the Best & Congratulation to the Couple.

But Beware !! Read this article with the latest outburst of Preity Zinta on media through her twitter handle as follows. Try to find the TRUTH yourself.

Gene and Preity

Whatever and however, Preity you reigned the hearts of youngsters. So Wish you all the Best.