Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. The popular saying may be true in its spirit and substance. But the opinion of the wider section of society and the majority also prevails. And the majority vows to the TRUTH that Indian Beautiful Girls have no parallel and are bestowed with the natural beauty. They no more are restricted to the eyes of the beholder but aspire far more than that. These beautiful faces of the beautiful Indian girls, attract the viewers around the world with the sense of their divinity and piety.


While talking about the beauty of Indian Beautiful Girls, the critics, says that there is an exaggeration of the statement. Well, there is no reason to get so precise and take the things at their face values. The average girls on the street may not be as beautiful as of your imagination. But then you need to compare the scenarios from around the world. Now let us find out about the secrets of the beauty of Indian Beautiful Girls.

5 Secrets About Indian Beautiful Girls

The beauty of Indian Beautiful Girls is a resultant factor of some of the secrets which most of these girls practice in their life term in form of homegrown remedies to accomplish their beauties. These secrets are very common, mostly used yet have been never revealed in public as a secret of the beauty product. They are as follows.

1. Amla Oil

Most girls use it for the care and growth of their beautiful hair. Amla is rich in vitamin C and is a very good tonic for the scalp and skin. You can observe the difference of hair growth by observing the Indian girls and their counterparts around the world. The edge obtained by Indian girls lies down in the use of Amla oil which is very popular and widely prevalent.

2. Besan/ Gram Flour

This is yet another remedy practiced by the women folks and the girls at the comfort of their homes. Besan or Gram Flour is one of the most easily available ingredients in our kitchens. Mixed with milk in face packs, it causes very good cleansing and hydrating effect on the facial skin and makes it glow and look attractive.

3. Haldi (Turmeric)

This is another very easily available ingredient found in Indian home kitchens. The Indian Beautiful Girls use it to treat and maintain their facial as well as body skin. Turmeric is known for its antiseptic values and as a very good Ayurvedic cosmetic.

4. Chandan (Sandalwood)

Sandalwood powder, when mixed with amla oil, is a very good effective skin care meditative product. Chandan paste which can be obtained by rubbing it on some stone surface is applied on the face without mixing anything in it and has got religious significance attached to it. Sandalwood powder is used as a face pack by mixing it with simple water or sometimes milk to cleanse our face from dirt, spot, pimples etc. The Indian girls use Chandan packs very often at their homes.

5. Curd

This is a widely used milk product likened by the womenfolk to prepare various beauty products at home. They use curd in various forms for preparation of face packs.

Apart from the above, regular exercises, good sleep, avoidance of symptoms like Insomnia due to usual stress of life and positive outlook plays important role in keeping one’s beautiful and healthy.

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The critics state that Indian average girls at the street may not be as beautiful as of your imagination.

We can examine the above statement in light of the above-discussed secrets of the beauty of Indian Beautiful Girls. In this regard, it is safe to make a statement that India is a very vast country with beautiful girls. Indian Beautiful Girls may differ in their physical appearance, attires, specific ways of using make-ups and even basic presentations of their walks and talks skills in daily life.

The difference in beauty parameters may exist at around every 100 km distance of the length and breadth of this country. This difference is related to mainly the physical appearance, attires etc as mentioned above. In spite of all the arguments and the talks, Believe me, the vividity of the chorus of Indian girls is so magnificent that they simply mesmerize you of their presence when you encounter.

There is a saying that Indian Beautiful Girls are not SEXY, but they are DIVINE.

Indian-BeautyWhatever and however is the talk, substance or the gossips, the Indian Beautiful Girls have their own distinct place in the plethora of beauty around the world. So let us appreciate it, adore it and love it.

This article is an attempt to signify beauty of the Indian Beautiful Girls in the world. Hope it has served its purpose at least to some extent. If you agree then please give me your thought and comments. Please also exemplify what other topics would you like to hear from me.

Thanks. 🙂