The Iconic Beauty of Himba Girl

Himba tribal community resides in northern Namibia in Kunene region and constitutes approximately a population of about 50 thousand people. Men and women normally cover themselves with a cosmetic mixture called Otjize which cast a reddish look to their body and wear loin cloth or goat skinned mini-skirt. The Himba Girl is renowned for their rustic and serene beauty who prefer braided hair and skin color with Otkize. 

Famous Otkize paste is nothing but a paste of freshly home prepared butter from the livestock and red ochre. These people are chiefly nomadic by nature and keep lots of live stocks like goats and sheep with them. They are very calm, serene and hard working folks.  This traditional makeup gives them an aesthetic look, protect their skin from the Sun and keep the insects away from them.

Himba Girl

Lifestyle of  Himba Girl

The Himba people are said to be communicating with their ancestors sitting before the holy fire called ‘Okuruwo’. At night under the light of holy fire flames, the brimming face of Ova Himba girl look godly and serene. The Otjize textured hair plaits cover as a veil to the girl’s face.  It ornates their seductive beauty, glorifying beauteous pleasure to the senses to onlookers. The hairstyle and jewelry of Himba Girl signify the age and the social status of the community. 

Himba Tribe Woman


An average Oval-Himba is polygamous where the Himba man generally keeps two wives under the practices of arranged marriage system. Normally elders in the family and the community decide marriages of their siblings. Girls usually marry at an early age of 10 at the very onset of puberty. The Himba tribal people more particularly the Himba Girl carries a sense of pride in their ethos and customs and prefer to maintain their cultural values by following the age-old traditions along with their complex hairdo system. This is to them their Beauty of existence with Nature.

In suffice to the above deliberations, We the people of the developed world and the educated societies should lend our hands together to give the Himba people a voice and a purpose of growing and progressing with time and the world along with its virtuous, sensuous and beautiful Himba Girl