India is a country of cultural epicenter which is in fact amalgamation of many distinctly different cultures. Marriage is one of the most pronounced cultures of Indian societies, where arranged marriages are predominantly supported and endorsed. Latest bridal makeup is part and parcel of such marriages.

In an Arranged Marriage of Hindu Society,  parents find out prospective grooms based on matching criteria for their daughter and then they approach the parent or guardian of the groom, and then marriage is planned or arranged. In our Indian society, there is a very popular saying about the marriage which connotes that Marriage is not only between a bride and a groom but it is also between two families.

Normally in Hindu society, a wedding is full of so many rituals and ceremonies which are performed at both of the bride and the groom’s house and often takes months together before the actual marriage is performed. Since the marriage ceremony is the most important cultural event, In Indian Wedding latest bridal makeup and Hair Style process gains the utmost significance. Based upon the topic of discussion, let us concentrate here about some of the Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling aspects alone.

Traditional Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup and Hair Style

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In a typical Indian wedding, the makeup and hairstyling of the bride are determined by the community and the society they belong to. Accordingly the bridal makeup for South Indian bride will be different from the North Indian brides, similarly, a difference also exists between Punjabi, Bihari, Rajasthani or even Tamilian, Telugu or Malayali bridal makeups and hair styling.You may find a Traditional Indian Wedding latest bridal makeup and Hair Styling, brides donning a red lehenga or exquisite Sarees, designed with lots of embroidery and jewelry.

South Indian Wedding Latest Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling

South Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup and Hair Style


A typical South Indian bride is found to be wearing Kanjeevaram Saree with lots of gold jewelry and accessories. The hair styling is typical long braided hairstyle with embedded decorations and Jasmine or Mogra flowers ornamenting it.

Typical Bengali Bridal Latest Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling

Typical Bengali Bridal Makeup and Hair Style


Bengali wedding is known for lots of ceremonies and customary practices in the marriage ceremony. The feelings of ‘Bhadro Purush’ or Gentle Man can be sensed in the dealings of marriage.The Bride is typically adorned in a red saree with embroidered and Jari works, Big Bindi on the forehead, facial decorations with sandalwood mixture, use of ‘Alta’ or red liquid on hands and feet and wearing of head Mukut is an important element in the marriage.

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Traditional Punjabi Latest Bridal Makeup and Hair Style

Traditional Punjabi Bridal Makeup and Hair Style


Punjabi brides are fond of bridal suits, consisting of Kurtis and Salwar who are generally heavily embroidered and donned with Jari works. Typically these suits are in red colors and use of gold jewelry are lavishly practiced.

Traditional Maharashtrian Latest Bridal Makeup and Hair Style

Traditional Maharastrian Bridal Makeup and Hair Style


In comparison to marriages in other communities, Maharashtrian Marriage Ceremonies are simpler weddings and lesser display of pomp and shows. However, like other marriages, bridal makeup and hair styling are somewhat similar in the context of colorful, rich, vibrant display of colors and gold jewelry.A typical Maharashtrian bride is adorned with paithani style of sarees, nose ring called ‘Nath’ and her hair styling don a blossoming bun of a dainty flower. Normally hair around the bun is curled into soft petals with a string of flowers over it.

Gujarati Indian Wedding Latest Bridal Makeup and Hair Style

Gujarati Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup and Hair Style


Traditional attires are the hallmark of Gujarati weddings. Gujarati brides generally wear ‘Panetar’ bridal sarees. They are simplistic in the outlook yet they are made elegant by stone works and traditional embroideries. The bride usually prefers during the marriage wearing ‘Bandhini’ sarees. These sarees are draped in a distinctive style to keep up with the mood of celebrations.

Rajasthani Indian Wedding Latest Bridal Makeup and Hair Style

Rajasthani Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup and Hair Style


Traditional Rajasthani marriage is not only famous in India but it is very well known around the world. It is known for its specialties and performance of customary practices. Tourists from different parts of world visit Rajasthan to witness such marriage ceremonies. These marriages are practiced in traditional and ethnic styles.Traditional Rajasthani Marriage has acquired its reputation for an extravaganza, lavish display of colors, wearing traditional dresses and distinct marriage styles with full of ceremonies and rituals. Such practices are liked by European counterparts and they appreciate it. Rajasthani brides are the center of attraction in these marriage ceremonies.

Their typical costume generally includes Lehenga, Choli as a wedding dress. They will be particularly in reddish or pinkish color. It may adorn embroidered works and ethnic display of royalty. Traditional gold jewelry compliments their outlook with a distinct gold bead on the forehead and an ultimate neck piece.

Modern Indian Wedding Latest Bridal Makeup and Hair Style

Modern Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup and Hair Style


Nowadays educated and modern youth prefer to celebrate their marriages with simplicity and soberness in the outlook. Their number is growing. Such marriages are happening more particularly in metro cities of India. Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling flaunt minimalistic jewelry. They are elegantly styled. Preferably Lehnga Choli as the costume is used for such occasions. There is simplicity in hair styling too with no so heavy makeups.


India is a very vast country wherein every region there are distinct regional ethnic marriage practices. The above discussed are the some of the main Indian Wedding Bridal Makeup and Hair Style Ideas. There are much more and they remain to be discussed and treasured. I live it to my readers to Explore My India further and adore these customary practices.