In the world of fashion, there is a saying that Old is always Gold. When you look at the province of Gujrat in respect of fashion, it appears that the Traditional Dress of Gujarat is back yet again.

The derivation, ‘Old is Gold’  is extracted from the virtues that contemporary looks in the world of fashion is often infused from the older styles. The axiom holds true for Gujarat at least in the world of fashion.

If you tour around various cities of Gujarat, whether it is vibrating city of Surat, Jamnagar, Bhuj or even the capital Ahmedabad, you may very well notice that younger generation is preferring the traditional dresses of Gujarat with a contemporary twist on it.

The famous Kutch craft works, be it colorfully beaded wardrobes or wonderfully embroidered Bandhani designs, all are amalgamated with modern looks to suit the minds of new generations who want to look more and more bold and beautiful. You can connote that the traditional dresses of Gujarat are back again.

Bollywood Connect and the Traditional Dress of Gujarat

 Dress of GujaratBollywood is playing a crucial role in this transformation. Changing looks of artists and their preference of traditional dresses on daily Opera and TV shows is hunting the mind of the common audience at the drawing rooms and they are looking towards these outfits.

With the active collusion of Bollywood celebrities, Patola works on Sarees is redefining itself and presenting new chapters in the world of fashion, driving more and more the younger folks around the country and enhancing the virtues of Traditional Dress of Gujarat.

Traditional Metamorphosis

Simple looks of Bandhani is presenting a subtle yet attractive look for the people eager to present executive looks.

The Younger generation who goes at the brainstorming sessions at offices and workplaces are preferring it more and more. Bandhani as a Traditional Dress of Gujarat, be at dupatta or on Kurtis, be it men or the women, everywhere you may find its find imprints scattering to attract people.

In recent times during the winter season which exhibited very comfortable cold at the streets has stimulated stylish youth to go for Kutchi shawls to present a more dignified look while strolling.

These changes of recent times and more in the youth brigade may be well summarized as the entry of latest fashion of traditional dresses with a contemporary twist. If you say that Traditional Dress of Gujarat is back again, it won’t be out of context.

So Guys & Gals !!! You too, Enjoy having a Contemporary Outlook.