Amala Paul Saree Blouse Design Photoshoot attempts to rediscover wearing Sarees in a new incarnation.

Saree Blouse Design
Looking back at times, one could easily say that there was hardly any scope for innovations in draping a Saree. People use to use one piece long fabric to cover their body. It was the traditionally different style for the men and the women to wear it. Slowly things changed and they started two to three pieces of these fabrics to cover their body. Still, there was not much any innovations. Same patterns lasted for thousand years. However later in the 20th century, people have started focusing on designing and wearing these clothes to segment a new charming look. Designers have been finding new ways and means by their innovation to look gorgeous and appealing for the ladies in their Saree Blouse Design.

In this photo shoot, you can find the simplicity, maintenance of traditions and yet an amount of elegance for the women in her Saree Blouse Design

It is appealing and she looks vibrant. Is NOT it ???