Monochromatic Look for the Steam Punk Indian Young Man with Elegant Clothing in Modern Fashion Outlook


Indian clothing has gone manifold transformation from ancient cultural look to modern aesthetic looks. Fashion in India is now focusing on Elegant Clothing for the common masses.


The look has always been the fortress of women in India. Men society always preferred to look robust and unsavvy. Over the period of time, things changed. With the marketing of media and the Bollywood, Men also in India have become increasingly conscious towards their looks.


This article talks about the men, more particularly the Indian Gentlemen, to take their fashion style from Classic Trendy look to Elegant. 


Elegant Clothing for Gentleman


The following 5 Tips on dressing style for men, in particular, enhances their personality on wearing an elegant clothing among the common mass and public area.


1. Inoculate the habit of not leaving the room, whether at home or office, without a quick run-through over the clothing with a fabric brush. Believe me, it pays you.
2. Whether it is a single breasted or double breasted jacket, always button up the center and the top buttons, leaving behind the bottom one. It is a thumb rule and suits in the cases of all types of jackets.
3. Establish a synergy of look between your belt, shoes and the necktie along with the suit. They are the eye catching subjects of your style.
4. Don’t rely on ready to wear suits. They need to be altered in consonance of your body. Remember there are no two bodies which can be articulated to be same.
5. Never wear a shirt with saggy collars. If your shirt collar tends to curl, it is better to wear collar stays.